Instantly send money on your social network

ZunguZ is a platform that connects financial service providers and social networks, allowing you to:

  • Transfer Money: send or receive money via Facebook
  • Purchase: buy on Facebook
  • Share: refer and earn


How it works

ZunguZ is a social app which allows you to transfer money via Facebook, It provides the functionality to facilitate automated, immediate online transactions without any hassle or delay. This multi-tiered platform integrates deeply into the social graph and a host of other financial services. Money is exchanged cost-free and securely without the requirements of a bank account or email address.

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How long does it take to activate my account?
A: Seconds

How much does it cost?
A: There is no cost to deposit money, withdraw money or to move money around to your Facebook friends.

How can I deposit money?
A: Using any Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card anywhere in the world.

Where does my money go?
A: Into a regulated bank account.

Where can I withdraw my money from?
A: Any South African bank – other territories are currently being on-boarded.

How secure is my money and are my banking details ever exposed on Facebook?
A: Like your bank; we use SSL, Thawte, HTTPS & 2nd factor authentication and banking details are never exposed.

Are my bank details stored or linked to Facebook ?
A: No

What if my Facebook account gets hacked?
A: Your money is not stored in Facebook, but in a secure regulated ordinary bank account.

Must my friend or family member have a ZunguZ account?
A: No


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